2018 August 30 - 4:11 pm LateUpdate()

Damn keep forgetting to update this.
Cubor was released in February and has performed very well, with nice feature spots in the AppStore and a long continuing stream of downloads still going on.

Desert Worms has seen a massive increase in daily downloads, passed 3 million and is now close to 4 million downloads.

The big project is progressing nicely and will be officially announced soon™.


2018 January 21 - 3:14 pm Cubor

Silly Sailing has set sail and is now getting played by people all over the world.
More info at it’s minisite.

I’m working on a puzzle game, Cubor, it’s a total remake of an old flash game. I’m also adding new features and lots of new levels.
One interesting feature I’m working on right now is a level generator that can generate almost infinite amount of levels, great after you played through all the handmade ones.
See Cubor on it’s minisite.


2017 November 2 - 7:43 pm Silly Sailing

Silly Sailing is progressing nicely, I’ve put out a placeholder mini-site for it.

Also I made a pretty nice tool for generating/editing islands for it.


2017 September 27 - 7:45 pm Lots of stuff

Ops, forgotten to update this in quite a while.

Soo…. Desert Worms has gone pretty good on Google Play, about 1,2 million downloads and an avg rating of 4.2.

I spent a lot of time working on a the multiplayer PC+console game, it’s going to be really great. But release is still far in the future. More on that in some future post.

I’ve done a couple of prototypes, a city racing game, a snowmobile game, a traffic strategy game, and a forklift prototype. But none of them really worked out.

My latest game is a sailing game, named Silly Sailing, it’s looking really promising. I’m hoping it will be a quick project and should be released before the end of the year at least.
Here’s a gif of the first prototype, just 2-3 days into development.


2017 February 23 - 12:48 am Desert Worms

Desert Worms was released in November, didn’t do too well on iOS but has been getting quite a lot of users on Google Play. Closing in on 600,000 downloads now.

During November I made two mobile game prototypes, but decided to discontinue both of them and instead focus on a larger game for PC and consoles.
Been working on that since December and it’s looking very promising. But it will take longer than I usually spend on a game.


2016 September 5 - 8:26 pm Next

About 70% done on the next game.


2016 September 5 - 8:23 pm Forky2 on Steam

Extreme Forklifting 2 is out on Steam since the 5th of August. And it’s actually doing really great.
Very much recommend playing it with a controller or racing wheel.


2016 May 19 - 7:09 pm Extreme Forklifting 2 is out!

Bom! Extreme Forklifting 2 is now available for iOS and Android!
Get lifting!


2016 March 25 - 11:23 pm Custom forklift controller

I felt like doing something new with my Arduino, so I made a custom controller for Extreme Forklifting 2. I had already bought a bunch of potentiometers for another project so it was a fairly quick thing to do. Communicating with Unity over the serial port.
And I’m using a circular neopixels set for the lights.


C# source:

Arduino source:


2015 December 27 - 1:34 pm Forklifting 2

Since I’ve been working full time as developer and co-founder with a new company since September, work on Extreme Forklifting 2 has gone very slowly, did manage to get some work done during x-mas.
I’m only putting in a few hours a week on this game, so it will take time before it’s finished.


2015 September 5 - 1:30 am Updated font importer for Unity

Made an update to my font importer for Unity, lots of improvements. Still having to use deprecated properties however since there are no replacements in Unity5 (yet?).

Want bitmap fonts with an outline in Unity? Not as easy as it might seem since the built in feature for creating bitmap fonts packs the characters so tight that you can’t add any shadow or outline. And no setting to add padding.

So I made this little editor extension that makes it possible to import fonts created with tools like AngelCode Bitmap Font Generator or Glyph Designer. Anything that creates a .fnt-xml-file.

Here: FontImporter.cs


2015 August 27 - 7:34 pm Extreme Forklifting 2 under way

Work is progressing nicely with Extreme(er?) Forklifting 2.
Getting some really nice feedback from the people att reddit.


2015 July 10 - 2:58 am Extreme Wheelchairing reviews

I’ve updated the Extreme Wheelchairing mini-site with some reviews and links to media coverage.
Extreme Wheelchairing


2015 July 10 - 2:56 am Wall Bouncing released!

Released Wall Bouncing a couple of weeks ago.
Wall Bouncing


2015 June 12 - 2:20 pm Wall Bouncing!

I got a new game in the works, this is a pretty small and simple one, but quite fun,
Should be completed in the next few days.


2015 June 2 - 10:51 pm Fire Flying!

My latest game is out!


Get it now for iOS and Android!


2015 April 9 - 1:58 pm Extreme Wheelchairing numbers

Now Extreme Wheelchairing has been out in the wild for a month. So here are some numbers since people have expressed an interest in those. :)

UnityAds, ios+gplay, 282k impressions, $ 951
Appstore Sales, 888 sales, $ 597
Google Play Sales, 1316 sales, $ 1231
Admob, Windows Phone, a beer or two.

I was expecting better numbers, but overall it’s pretty decent, especially since I managed to create the game so fast, and the daily numbers seems to be pretty steady now.
Extreme Forklifting is still doing pretty well even though it’s almost two years since it’s release.

One of the major problems with Extreme Wheelchairing is probably the rather steep learning curve for the controls. Many, or probably even most people are not dedicated enough to get through the initial learning threshold.


2015 March 9 - 4:49 pm Extreme Wheelchairing

And it’s out! Extreme Wheelchairing, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.
Extreme Wheelchairing


2015 February 20 - 9:21 pm Timeline

Things are looking really good, I think my next game will be completed by the end of the month, or maybe in the first week of march. Then 1-2 weeks for Apple to review it.
I have ideas for a strategy game I want to start experimenting with as soon as I’m finished with my current project.


2015 February 5 - 2:28 pm Home Office

Not really anything new, but I’ve slightly reorganised my home office. I’m pretty comfortable with it now.