Monster Trucks 360

Blaze through 18 action-packed levels!
18 levels filled with tricky obstacles, powerups and destroyable objects.
8 different cars.
Powered by Away3D and Box2D

Tharsis 3D

Race across the dunes of mars!
Leverages the power of Flash 11 to deliver stunning hardware accelerated 3D graphics.

Powered by Away3D and Jiglib

Jet Velocity 2

Sequel to Jet Velocity, now with weapons, laps and more level themes.


Throw bunnies at those evil koalas!
You play a giraffe who need to defend his cheese from invading koalas.

Powered by Away3D and OIMO Physics


Move boxes, dodge lasers, fetch cake!

A unique retro puzzle platform game. You're a robot whose task is to collect cakes for your starving master.


Rotate and jump your block through 40 challenging levels in this brain-teasing puzzle game!

Use the arrow keys, ingame tutorial available.


  • Players can create and administer clans.
  • Simultaneous turn mode!
  • Team games and 8 player games.
  • Customizable player badges and tanks.

Toad Trouble

Use your tongue to swing through the levels and collect flies.
Move using the arrow keys or WASD. Shoot the tongue using the mouse.

Math games

Math games created for

Programming and tech created by devm-games.
Game design, graphics and sound created by other parties.

[Pyramid Panic] - [Transtar] - [Sigma Prime] - [a Tangled Web] - [Pinata Fever]

Jet Velocity 3D

Futuristic 3D racing game with procedurally generated levels.

Levels are generated based on perlin noise.

U.M.A.G. multiplayer

Addictive, competitive and fun multiplayer artillery game.

Eliminate all of the opposing players in each match.


Bubble popping game made exclusively for MiniClip

Fight the evil bubbles using your super cool bubble popping robot!


Roll your cubes to success and glory!

Steam of War

In a human colony far from earth, war rages on over the rich soil of the only habitable planet.

Command your units through hordes of enemies in this action packed RTS game.


Addictive puzzle game, switch positions of the bricks to create a connection between the two source bricks

Mouse-down on the brick you want to move and then drag in the direction you want to switch, release the mouse button.


3D puzzle game, guide your balls to the goals by tilting the board.

More than 60 unique levels!

Uses papervision3d and box2d


A circular take on the bubble shooter.

Eternity MMO

Web MMO in space, PvP and PvE combat, base building, manufacturing, trading and much more.

Tevlon 3D

A 3D action game pushing the limits of flash where the objective is to take out the enemy’s bases.

Uses papervision3d