Always dreamed of becoming a forklift operator? Now you can!

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Pick up pallets, and then put them down again!


Become a pallet professional!

Pick pallets up!

Put pallets down!
(Preferably in a different location.)


by Swag Daddy
Un forking believable Great game, really lifts your spirit

by Vegard Winnem
Excellent Fun and challenging gameplay, love the graphics and feel.

by Standa Novák
Just wow! I love the controls, the physics, the humor, everything :) Keep up good work!

by Alphgoatguru
Oh. My. Gosh.
This is literally the best game ever. I've been following the devs progress on the unity sub and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

by Forkstofarapart
Ha! Been driving various lifts for around 8 this game. Showed this to my boss/bud at work. He plays it on his iPad while he is on his buggy on the warehouse floor.

by silkynoid
As a professional forklift operator I will say this game is awesome! I do feel bad for the puppies I just delivered to the sausage factory though.

by Gshenjendbe
This is a hidden gem. A great, fun, and free absurd game. GET THIS NOW. It's amazing.

by Ajay Nayak
Such a good game Such a nice game to kill your time. Good graphics, smooth controls.

by Chris Stewart
Great time killer I use a forklift all day at work, so why I come home and play this, I don't know. But it's fun. Needs a tilt forward and back control

by Joseph null
Forkulous! Undoubtedly the most polished forklift-based mobile game I have ever played.

by Forkist
I've been playing games for literally decades and this is hands down the best game of any kind I've ever played. I've sold my consoles, deleted all my other games, and am sure this game will provide me with plenty of fun and challenge for the rest of my life.

by Donkey momma bear taco fishin
Played for a few days and the I realized you carry a crate of puppy's to a meat factory for meat? How's that type of sick humor funny to anyone? Won't download again

by RyanVento
This game looked too funny to pass up so I downloaded it and gave it a try. After 10 or so minutes I was sold. Yes, it's quite pointless. Yes, folks with short attention spans will quickly teeter off the edge of boredom. However, for those who can appreciate the subtle humor incorporated into a forklift simulator (think about that for a moment) I think you will find the simple, good-natured fun this game brings to be worthwhile and enjoyable. Quality graphics, responsive controls, funny physics and easy gameplay yield a laughable experience. Note: I'm not entirely sure if the income you earn from completing pallet drops is actually functionally or is purely for effect, but it would nice to A) make a use for the earned income, and B) provide more customization options for the driver and forklift, perhaps offering some options as IAPs and others for purchase using in-game earned income.

by Amazon intern
A truly uplifting experience
This app has changed my life. Prior to my revelation of its existence, I was a simple mail room worker at Amazon. I sorted mail all day; envelopes, boxes, square mail, and even chain mail arrived in our cubicles without so much as an explanation. I also lacked any practical skills besides the ability to read and carry things, so the mail room looked to be my permanent destination. One day, however, I found this app. I had to buy an iPhone to get it, (my Blackberry II couldn't download apps), but I still immediately found it worth the price. Forklift drivers are among the elite few here at Amazon who have access to the secret Donut Room. Every employee is allowed to be in the staff break room during their breaks, but forklift drivers are permitted to the Donut Room, filled with custom ordered donuts that normally only executives are allowed to blissfully devour. This makes sense, though; driving a forklift is hard, takes practice, and forklifts are expensive. Luckily, none of these factors stopped me from fulfilling my dreams in this app. I found this app to be 100% accurate to the real experience of driving a forklift, and the plethora of pallets placed proprietarily around places in the map improved my free-of-obstructive-pallet (FOOP) driving speed. Training with this app allowed me to develop the skills needed to get a promotion to the gilded rank of forklift driver, and I now finally have access to the Donut Room. This app has turned my life around 360 degrees. Thank you, Forklifting 2! Update: A drone took my job. And my donuts.

by The Feet of a Statue
My life is now fully complete because of this game. I never knew my purpose in life until I found it in the app store. My mom wishes she was as good as this game at parenting me. I feel like a better person while playing this game. Would recommend to all of humanity and all the mammals on planet Earth. I love you.
Extreme Forklifting is created by DEVM Games. Copyright and stuff.