Cubical puzzle game with simple beginnings and complex ends.
Now with a level generator providing virtually unlimited levels!

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Silly Sailing

Compete against other sassy sailors in this silly sailing game. Use your rudder and sail to find the perfect wind in this tropical paradise.

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Desert Worms

Colonization went fine, until They awoke.
In the last steps of the evacuation you must collect the remaining research data and avoid being eaten by the giant worms.

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Extreme Forklifting 2

Pick up pallets, and then put them down again!
The forklifting adventure you've always been dreaming of!

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Fire Flying

A strategic wildfire fighting game!
Use your aircraft to drop water on the spreading fire. Protect buildings and towns from the blazing wildfire. Plan ahead and use chokepoints to utilise the water better and take the wind direction into account.

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Extreme Wheelchairing

Ready to give your thumbs some exercise?
Roll your way through the levels as quickly as possible, do stunts and jumps, find hidden items and don’t tip over. The unique controls adds to a fun and challenging experience.

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Wall Bouncing

Bounce, bounce and bounce!
Jump between walls in this speedy one-button runner. Collect powerups to slow down a bit and catch a breath.

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Extreme Forklifting

Probably the best forklift game ever made for mobile!
Move pallets and collect points in this physics driven 3D forklift game. Do it quickly and without damaging the pallet to get bonus points.
Prepare to embark on the forklifting adventure of a lifetime!

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