2015 April 9 - 13:58 Extreme Wheelchairing numbers

Now Extreme Wheelchairing has been out in the wild for a month. So here are some numbers since people have expressed an interest in those. :)

UnityAds, ios+gplay, 282k impressions, $ 951
Appstore Sales, 888 sales, $ 597
Google Play Sales, 1316 sales, $ 1231
Admob, Windows Phone, a beer or two.

I was expecting better numbers, but overall it’s pretty decent, especially since I managed to create the game so fast, and the daily numbers seems to be pretty steady now.
Extreme Forklifting is still doing pretty well even though it’s almost two years since it’s release.

One of the major problems with Extreme Wheelchairing is probably the rather steep learning curve for the controls. Many, or probably even most people are not dedicated enough to get through the initial learning threshold.